Company History

The Company was established in January 1987 under the name of Chao Tse Ann & Partners in Singapore and was subsequently
incorporated as Chao Tse Ann & Partners Pte Ltd in March 1996.

Before the incorporation of Chao Tse Ann & Partners, Chao Tse Ann was the founder and the precedent partner of Archiplan
Team, Archiplan Team was incorporated in 1973 and dissolved on December 31,1986.


                                                                                                                Key Personnel

                                                                                                                Chao Tse Ann     -  Managing Director
                                                                                                                Tan Cheng Kok
  -  Director


The Policy of the Company is to offer its clients the highest possible professional standard and competence from design concept
to implementation and supervision of projects.

The Design Philosophy is to ensure that the client's needs are met at the same time, make a positive contribution to the built
environment with practicality, aesthetics and fine details. By doing so, it is essential to create space that people need and to arrive
at design solutions that not only meet the functional requirements of the owners and users but also enrich their lives.

The Company strongly believes in dedicated personal involvement and teamwork as the ingredient of success in this highly
demanding profession. The Company always assumes the leading role of the architect in the multidisciplinary team, coordinating
and working closely with client or their project management, other consultants and specialists. It also assumes the co-leading role
with the Builder under the Design and Build System.

In view of the Company Policy established, the Company has adopted the ISO 9000 Quality Management System since 1999 as the
management system to achieve and maintain the professional standards set for our services and works.

Professional Commitment

The Company aim to give full commitment to achieve the highest level of professional practice and provide excellent quality and
service to its clients to all the works.

Type of Business

Chao Tse Ann & Partners Pte Ltd provides architectural services from design up to contract implementation.

The Type of Projects undertaken by the company include hotel developments, both resort and business types, residential
developments ranging from condominium to conventional housing, commercial developments such as shopping complexes and
offices, as well as institutional and religious buildings.

Overseas Experience

Chao Tse Ann and Partners Pte Ltd has long been established as a principal architectural firm in handling various residential and
hospitality projects in the Asean region.

Since the early 1980's, the Firm has participated in developing projects in the key cities of the People's Republic of China, i.e.,
Beijing and Shanghai, and its markets have now extended to many other parts of China such as Wuhan, Xi-an, Hanzhong, Wu-xi,
Chang-sha and Shantou. The type of work has expanded from residential development to institutional buildings, educational
facilities, retail development and master planning on residential development in various parts of China.

In South-East Asia, Chao Tse Ann & Partners Pte Ltd has been involved in various types of projects in neighbouring countries such
as Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand; apart from the Asean Region, the Firm has already successfully secured
projects in Maldives, Pakistan and Africa.